Hello! I'm an avid X-Men fan with a question that I hope isn't too weird. There was a Byrne original page from Uncanny 113 that was recently auctioned. On the back of the page were sketches of Margali and Jimaine Szardoz! This page predates their first appearance by a couple of years (in Uncanny annual #4, after you were off the book). I asked him about the sketches, but he said they were just doodles. I should probably just let it rest, and I apologize, but the sketches were so beautiful and the character designs so wonderful that I had to look for more answers! If you have them, I'm all ears! Do you recall if these characters were in the works while JB was still on the book?


While I have your attention, I have an X-Men podcast called Great X-Pectations and we'd love to chat with you if it's something you're ever interested in doing.

Thank you so much for your time!