"On Saturday, May 19th, we will be hosting a personal appearance at our Jason St. Mega-Store by legendary comics writer, Roger Stern. As a part of his visit to Denver, Roger has agreed to also sign a limited number of autographs for fans who shop with us from around the world. We will begin taking advance requests for comics signed by Roger today, and will ship them to you on Monday, May 21st.

"To reserve Roger's autograph, simply order from our website any of the thousands of great comics that Roger has written over the years, and then also indicate how many of them you would like to have autographed. As with our previous autograph offers from Jim Shooter and Chris Claremont, there is a $2 fee per autograph, all of the proceeds of which go to offset the travel costs of bringing our comics guests to Denver. In exchange for your $2 per autograph fee you receive not only your signed comics, but also a nice certificate of authenticity for each issue. We've received exceptionally positive feedback about our past autograph programs, so I am really happy that Roger agreed to make this wonderful opportunity available for you."

                                                                                                  -- Chuck Rozanski,
                                                                                                     President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
                                                                                                     May 2, 2012

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